Polar F11 Heart Rate Monitor Watch (Grey Pepper)

Polar F11  heart rate monitor

The Polar F11  heart rate monitor provides you with a multi-purpose heart rate monitor that combines cardiovascular exercise, calorie burn, Keeps U Fit training program, fitness tests,  and a relaxation program. All training data can be uploaded to the Polar Persona trainer website.

  • Memory files in F11 store up to 12 exercise sessions.

  • Keeps U Fit™ exercise program offers personalized feedback on your training sessions

  • WearLink™ transmitter with fabric mount is coded, eliminating interference from other heart rate monitors

  • OwnZone® Advanced feature takes the guesswork out of finding your personalized target zone.

  • OwnIndex® measures your fitness level and tracks improvements

  • OwnCal® feature counts calories and fat burned based on your own effort level.

  • OwnCode® eliminates interference from other heart rate monitors

  • Zone pointer displays current position in target zone

  • Fitness bullets feature displays a bullet for every 10 minutes spent in your target heart rate zone

  • Backlight lets you view monitor in low-light conditions

  • Watch functions include clock, stop watch, daily alarm and date 
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